Ken Baker is a pharmacist, lawyer, and former general counsel and senior vice president of Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company. Ken Baker advises clients in pharmacy law and regulation, risk management, insurance and pharmacy quality programs, and reduction of medical errors. Ken Baker is of counsel and a pharmacist consultant with the Phoenix law firm of Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, PA. He is licensed to practice law in Indiana.
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Pharmacy Consulting Services

Pharmacy Law & Regulation. State and national law, Boards of Pharmacy, DEA FDA, insurance coverage issues. Working with attorneys from the many practice areas within Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros can provides clients with a wide range of options and problem-solving alternatives. Clients can learn to recognize and avoid situations before they become problems.

Risk Management / Quality Practice. Identifying risks and selecting techniques to manage them is the cornerstone of risk management and quality assurance. Many state laws require pharmacists to implement quality assurance programs as a part of the practice of pharmacy. Having and using a system of risk management can reduce insurance premiums and foster competition among insurance companies.

Compliance. Occasionally, pharmacies and pharmacists find themselves in a situation in which they must overcome prior difficulties and prove compliance with orders issued by boards or other third parties. It may mean developing remedial plans or meeting requirements for reducing potential errors and higher premiums.

Medication Errors / CQI. Healthcare is a zero-tolerance professions; the standard is no mistakes, no errors. While that standard cannot be met in real-life environments, it is important to institute a workflow plan of continuous quality improvement. From risk identification to plan implementation and from staff training to event capturing, all require planning and design simple, complete and practical.

Expert Witness. Ken Baker is available, in selected cases, to serve as expert witness. Appropriate areas may include standards of practice, pharmacy regulatory questions, medication errors and quality assurance. In other cases, the attorneys at Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros have an extensive network of litigation support resources in numerous healthcare fields.


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